A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A 2D fangame based in the Resident Evil universe, for Android & PC.

Survive the chaos as Alexa, a young artist who gets involved in many problems in this unique adventure full of dangers.

Inspired in the classic trilogy, "REVM" uses the same game mechanics of RE 1, 2 & 3, now under a 2D format, including new content and more.

☣ Items management, rooms and puzzles, zombies and more creatures. All the classic style, but with new look and feel, adapted to a MINIMALISTIC INTERFACE.

☣ Now adding new mechanics and improving existing ones from the trilogy, always with the SAME GAME ESENCE and following the original recipe of the great Shinji Mikami.

☣ Made with PixelArt style and many of the Resident Evil's OST created by Masami Ueda, plus new and exclusive music added to this fangame. A tribute to the nostalgia.

IN DEVELOPMENT 💬 All suggestions are listened.
A project made by 1 person, with CONSTRUCT 2


  • PC: Windows Vista, 2,0 Ghz CPU, 2Gb RAM
  • Mobile: Android 5.0, 2Gb RAM

 CONTACT ME FOR MORE: Write me to my social accounts (MedimonGames).


DISCLAIMER: MedimonGames and this project are not related with Capcom, PlayStation or afiliated companies. This fangame is distributed for free and cannot be selled or this action can be considered as violation of IPs* rights. You can donate to the project's developer but it's optional and never is or will be something required to enjoy of this game.

*Intellectual Property


DEMO WINDOWS (0.3.5) 77 MB
DEMO ANDROID (0.3.5) 11 MB

Development log


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Nice game, I hope this game gets the latest updates https://youtu.be/hA8_RoN2I_w


When it will be released, the complete game? I LOVE IT! Pretty interesting, now I want to continue lol, but well... it was a demo, nice job!

Played this on mobile, for the first time in awhile, a proper demake game that actually fits mobile gameplay style hit different. It was good.

I love this gam, waiting for the full release


Loved it, waiting for the full release!

Great game, I can't wait to see the full version when it's released

What is its engine? 



looks cool when does the PC version come?

it's done but still needs some fixes. it will come back this week


Everything is working good i see that's great


The game was very good, the sound was great

Only the graphics should get better and the sprints should be natural


thanks for try it :). Im still working on it. Yep, i mist improve some animations too. Thanks again ))


Thank you for your attention (:


Gracias amigo lo jugaré con gusto y lo recomendaré a algunos amigos fanáticos a la franquicia

Donde encuentro el link de descarga, si te soy sincero abrí cuenta en esta página solo por tu juego

Hace poco menos de 1 mes publique una Alfa para android que oculté, pero la pondré visible para que puedas probar hacia donde va enfocado el proyecto. Ahora esta algo mas adelantado a lo que verás. Muchas Gracias por el apoyo amigo. Mas avances, muy pronto.


It look like a gameboy game so I will play it also huge fan of the resident evil franchise

I'm still working on it. Will be a gift for every RE fan, like me. Thank you!


Np looking forward to updates