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Pixcubonia ES (Empire's Sword) is a RPG/Platformer/Action game where the combat is the main element in the adventure. 

  • Enjoy simple but cute pixel-art graphics, in a world with day & night cicles, weather changes and mysterious events.
  • Use your best equipment combo, unlock items, solve puzzles and fight like a true warrior inside of this universe, your home.
  • Enjoy a return to the old school platformers but adding new features to the formule, with action and exciting battles, being an bloody or pacific hero. Practicing, you will master the art of the combat!
  • Learn about ancient cultures with references to Rome, Greece, Britannia, Dacia, Egypt and more.
  • Find, analyse and collect equipment, with diverse pros and contras, allowing you to combine them to your wished combat mode. Weapons, helmets, shields, and more.

Inspired by videogames like "Super Mario Bros 3",  "Rome Total War", "Dark Souls" and "Castle Crashers", introducing you in an ancient world, with powerful armies and empires.


-STATUS: In Development

DEMO Available

( but currently, the game is more advanced)

This game is part of the  "Saving an IndieDev" Bundle and every person that has helped me on it, will receive a free copy of this and much more. Thanks for everything.

Contact: medimongames@gmail.com 😋

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Online Demo (Construct) - Last update 2019

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